Foxit PDF Editor 2.0 Build 1011

Foxit PDF Editor is a tool for modifying page contents in Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Unlike other so-called "PDF Editors", which are designed only to work with "Notes" and limited page contents, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to modify any kind of page contents within any existing PDF documents, then save back to same or new PDF documents. You can't find such an easy to use, efficient and affordable PDF editing solution anywhere else in the world!...

Foxit PDF Editor Features:

* Open existing PDF document for editing, or create brand new PDF documents;
* Display PDF document in full details, with quality almost matching Adobe(R) Reader.
* Zoom in and zoom out page display;
* Fast and reliable WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing;
* Insert new pages, delete pages completely;
* Insert new text objects, using embedded or non-embedded fonts;
* Insert lines, and other simple graphic shapes;
* Insert images from bitmap files;
* Delete any type of object from the page;
* Change font, font size, color and other text attributes for text objects;
* Change line width, fill type, color, and other graphic attributes for graph objects;
* Transform any type of objects, including rotation, shearing, scaling, and moving;
* You can make single or multiple selections of page objects, so you can change or delete them by group;
* Undo any type of editing (insert, delete, or change) you have done;
* Copy and paste any type of objects, single or group, from or to any PDF page, within the same document, or between different PDF documents;
* Copy and paste pure text from or to any other Windows applications;
* Copy and paste image from or to any other Windows applications;
* Save modified document into the same PDF file, or another new PDF file.

What's new in Version 2.0:
1) New Toolbars: Toolbars have been renovated thoroughly. New buttons for many functions have been added to the toolbars. These toolbars look professional and will greatly increase usersÆ productivity.
2) Improved Status Bar: Now, users can specify page number or zooming factor in status bar.
3) Floating Property List£ŗNewly-designed property list can be dragged anywhere in the screen and hid or shown anytime. This allows users to view any part of a page. Users will be able to modify object properties and see the changes come to effect instantly. In addition, special setting dialogs can be invoked for users to change complex settings, such as colors setting, clipping setting and dashing line setting.
4) Default Settings: Version 2.0 allows a user to specify default settings of parameters and behaviors inside Edit/Option dialog.
5) Drag Action: In previous versions, a user has to explicitly enter values to specify many parameters. Now with Version 2.0, a user can use a mouse to drag the control points of an object to manipulate it and set the parameter implicitly. For instance, a user can drag the control point of a text object to resize it.
6) Flexible Image Editor£ŗUsers may double click on an image to enter the image editor.
a.)Several new tools have been added to image editor, including Magic Wand tool, Polygonal Lasso tool and Layer tool.
b.)Other tools have been improved, including Selection tool, Dodge tool and Burn tool.
c.)In previous versions, users can only undo or redo the latest action in Image Editor. This new version allows users to Undo/Redo multiple steps, as long as the program doesnÆt reach the memory limit of the PC.
d.)With Version 2.0, a user can edit images from multiple PDF files at the same time which is impossible in previous versions. The user can copy and paste image areas across different files.
e.)Several short-cut keys have been added to speed up image operations.
7) Intuitive Graphics and Clipping Editor£ŗIn previous versions, graphics and clipping path are edited in separate small dialogs which do not show the PDF page content behind the path. This is very unintuitive. Version 2.0 allows users to edit them in the main window, with bigger and consistent view showing the PDF content behind them.
8) Intuitive Layout Editor: In previous versions, layout is edited in a separate small dialog. Version 2.0 allows users to edit it in the main window, with a bigger and consistent view.
9) Editing Encrypted PDF: Version 2.0 allows users to read and edit encrypted PDF files, which is a new and useful feature.
10)Extensibility: Version 2.0 adopts a new framework consolidating different function modules and allowing for future extension to add more modules, e.g. form design module.
And much more.

Size: 1.81MB
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