Advanced JPG to PDF Free 5.1.1

Are you looking for a software program which can easily convert image files into PDF formats and is an inexpensive one? If that’s true we have for you Advanced JPG to PDF Free 5.0.2, a solution that has to offer beyond your expectations and that too for free. Advanced JPG to PDF is a terrific software program that lets you scan one or many paper documents easily and save it in PDF format in your local hard drive
With it you will also be able to import images from your system and merge all of them in one PDF document. Advanced JPG-to-PDF comes with an easy to use GUI which can aid any na computer user to operate it without any kind of hardship. You will be able to download this tool for free and install it your PC effortlessly. 

Advanced JPG to PDF is capable of retrieving images from the image library present in any of your devices including camera and effortlessly convert them into multi-pages PDF files. After generating the PDF files you will be able to upload them on the internet and share it with your friends or take printouts of the image filled PDFs. To achieve a fine output file, this converter allows you to perform lot many editing such as crop, rotation of images, setting up of proper layouts, and enter metadata within the PDF file like subject, author and title. It supports a lot of input image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and many more. You can also change the properties and view options of the output documents plus modify the security settings of it so that those cannot be altered or pirated. 

Advanced JPG-to-PDF does not need the costly Adobe Acrobat application to function and is completely free from any kind of spyware, worm or viruses. We rate this fantastic free tool with a score of four and half points for its overall optimum performance. 

Publisher's description:Advanced JPG to PDF Free enables you to scan paper documents and save them to PDF format on your computer for digital archiving or backup. What's more, it allows importing images from your hard drive and merge them to a PDF document. The straightforward interface makes the whole process a breeze. 

If you've got to deal with a lot of paperwork every day, or you need to submit some kind of reports to a third party which contains images, signatures and text, why don't you scan your paper files to PDF format directly which can be digital archived, emailed and password protected instead? Advanced JPG to PDF Free is an easy program to help complete the paper conversion work quickly and confidently. Now you can scan and convert paper documents and many images files and save them to much more acceptable PDF format. The created PDF files can be emailed, uploaded online, even can be viewed on mobile devices and smart phones. 

Advanced JPG to PDF Free can create single and multi-page PDFs even with a flatbed scanner. It provides enhanced scanning capabilities. It comes with greater image fidelity and automatic color detection to increase recognition accuracy for improved scanning results. 

Advanced JPG to PDF Free provides an image to PDF Converter to convert image files with different settings and formatting as specified by the user. It supports most image formats, like JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and more, including images from scanners or digital cameras. PDF to Image Converter integrates user friendly graphical interface for switching multiple image files. Application is standalone approach to convert images to PDF devoid of Acrobat Reader or any other additional software. 

Before being converted, the images can be de-skew, rotated, cropped or flipped, etc. Other features include the ability to set the page size, orientation, margin and layout of the output PDF document, change its properties, security setting and viewer options, etc.

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