How to Have Guaranteed Affiliate Sales.

As you already know, I’m engaged in affiliate business. Since my beginning in it in March, I have earned about $12′000. Considering that recently I catastrophically could not find time to develop this online business opportunity, it’s not a bad sum, how do you think? For this 5 months, I have learned some things which helped me make money with affiliate marketing. I want to share with you of my thoughts for it to be useful for you to use. :)

Ok. Here are my affiliate marketing advices which are based on my own experience..

1. Choose the partner program in a niche which you like.
Participate in affiliate programs, the niche and products of which cause real interest and sympathy for you. So you can achieve the best results because you will be carried away with process. Never it is necessary to be engaged in that appeals at you boredom.
I tried to promote some financial affiliate products which was not interesting for me at all. It was a rule, if it is not attractive for me, conversion of it was in minus. Another business was auto products and dating services. Thank to them, I earned a good income.

2. Be focused, for the beginning, only on one affiliate program.
Some beginners commit the silliest mistake when are registered at once in several affiliate programs and cannot make the first sale in one of them. Such beginner was me. I registered in 3 affiliate programs and until my first sale, I lost a lot of money trying to sell almost everything.

3. Use all available resources for promotion of a product.
Own site, e-mails, blog on the subjects similar to the advanced product. The signature from below your e-mail messages at the answer. Use a maximum of resources and creative ideas for promotion like I tried to do !

4. Use services of contextual advertising (PPC).
The most widespread services on the Internet are Google Adwords.But they were very expensive for me and I found another way of purchasing clicks – 2-tier PPC. Pick up suitable keywords, create clinging announcement and start the company. Train and trace results. On a secret, it is one of the most effective ways of promotion of affiliate products.

5. Create blogs by the subject of your product.
I made about a half of my income by means of thematic blogs. To do it right, read my TO DO list for your new blogs.

6. Write virus publications.
You can borrow in a writing and the publication of articles on a theme of an affiliate product. The main thing here – that the article was qualitative, interesting and opened the sore theme. Also, it is important, that it was indirectly connected with product. Then you can hide your advertising link in article. Don’t forget about Digg and create your lens and with help of interesting articles promote your product.

7. Spend the latent advertising at forums.
Create topic in any of popular forums in section which subjects corresponds to subjects of affiliate product. Describe the problem and as you have solved it by means of its product. Ask to share opinion of those people who has already tried the given product. What do they think?

8. Always search for new opportunities.
The receptions described in article are far not unique. You can create, for example electronic books, audio and video files …

9. Invest money in advertising.
You can order also advertising blocks on sites and blogs. The main thing that publicity expenses paid back is the received profit. I advise for practice to lead pair advertising campaigns and to observe the results.

By the way, if you have any questions about this topic, don’t hezitate to ask me and comment.

Wishing you a good sales. :)

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