Surreal Media CMS Gaming Template

Surreal-Media has developed and made available several additional modules for the gaming template product line. Some modules are custom developed while others are popular integrated third party scripts and applications. Please view our list of additional modules below while keeping in mind that you are encouraged to contact us to request for a custom module! Please contact us at 302-384-3838 for more information.

Paypal Donations

Automated and tracked community donations monitoring.

Sleek graphical imagery linking directly into to your team’s chat client(s).
Recruitment Form

Modifying form for potential recruits to provide that submits to an email address for easy tracking.
Integrated GameTracker

Integrating the popular third party GameTracker system into a side bar module providing your viewers real-time server information.
BF2 Stats Intergration

Integrating popular third party BF2 statistics system into your website seamlessly.
Advertising Management

Fully managed advertisement system to help you and your clients manage and track through real-time statistics and reports.
vBulltetin Latest RSS feeds

Listing the latest RSS feeds which are feed into your vBulletin system improving your content dynamics.
vBulletin Latest Threads

Listing the latest threads which feed into your vBulletin system improving your content dynamics.
vBulletin Integrated Login

Providing a community feeling when the user is not within your vB forums.
vBulletin Gallery

A safe and secure gallery system which is moderated by your administrative user group using lightbox technology to display pictures.
Intergrated Real-Time Chat Room

Integrating a popular third party real-time java chat into your main website allowing for a real-time chat room within your website.
Request for a custom module!

Please contact us via phone, email, or live support to dicuss your custom module request!

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