This Video consists of orchestral music and other rich compositional pieces that Steve has written. Vai was commissioned to compose an hour of music for the Metropole Orkest in Holland but ended up putting together an exceptional 2 hours of quality work. The DVD includes 15 tracks plus orchestra only performance, behind the scenes featurette, interview at De Oosterpoort with Vai, and additional performance.

Kill the Guy with the Ball
The God Eaters
The Murder Prologue
The Murder
Lotus Feet
I'm Becoming
Salamanders In The Sun
The Attitude Song
Gentle Ways
For The Love of God
Shadows and Sparks

This is a great chance to see Steve doing what only he does in a brand new context - live in Holland with a full orchestra. The group is massive - all the normal orchestral instruments are supplemented with no less than 3 percussionists AND a drummer, plus backup electric guitars, bass and keys.

It's nice to hear a real grand piano as well, which is so often missing from modern jazz and rock concerts - It's quite bizarre to see Steve's posturing and posing alongside the relatively sedate orchestra, but you can see that everyone involved (especially the conductor) are having a really good time. The sound recording is generally of a very high standard, much better than most live music, and the film editing is also reasonably good, with a nice selection of camera angles and not relying on the cheesy video effects that often plague these releases.

The other thing is that the arrangements are, at points, brilliant. It is constantly a surprise and a delight to see how Steve and his collaborators have reimagined the original compositions to take advantage of the many timbres, articulations and rich, full harmonies available when you have 80 or so musicians on the stage...

The songs sound very different but are still very much recognisable. In conclusion, this is an excellent Video if you like this kind of thing, and fans who are worried that Vai will sound out of context or a little weak away from his normal band should rest assured that this is one of his best video releases, certainly a lot more enjoyable than anything else apart from "Live at the Astoria London".


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