Christmas WordPress theme

Today was such a fun day because the boss was not around! What else do you think I would do when he’s not around? Of course I make full use of the opportunity to disturb the girl colleagues, hahaha… Anyway, I am not too bad also because I have been very productive without him around disturbing and watching over me! I played with some of the WordPress themes which I have downloaded earlier, and in the end hacked my own WordPress theme. At this time of the year, what theme is better than a Christmas WordPress Theme? :)

Believe it or not, this has been my second publicly released WordPress theme, the first one was the popular Firefox theme which was done more than two years ago. Since then I have came across quite a number of blogs using the Firefox theme… I smile secretly whenever I see my theme on other blogs. Sleep also can smile. :)

Anyway, the Christmas WordPress theme is not built from scratch… I believe nobody would do that these days. Doing that would probably take weeks to complete! The Christmas theme was produced by combining the nice features extracted from a few other WordPress themes. Of course all these features are further enhanced and customized… in fact so much changes are thrown in, even I can’t remember which themes I have used/referred to.
Some notable features of this theme:

* Widgets and tags supported.
* Works with WordPress 1.5 and above. Optimized for WordPress 2.0 and above.
* Includes Search template, Archive template, and also 404 template.
* Can easily change the header picture. Just upload your picture in wp-admin, the system will prompt you to crop your picture to the correct size.
* To change the profile picture, upload your picture to the theme’s img folder. Name it “profile.png”.
For those who wish to make some good money from AdSense, this theme is designed with that in mind. If your click through rate is too low, you might want to try this theme… Refer to how I am placing the AdSense ads, this sort of “right-in-front-of-you” placement should generate some good revenues! :)
However, if you are not interested in generating revenues, you might want to insert community and socializing codes such as MyBlogLog, Facebook and Blogcatalog. Insert them in the two sidebars… plenty of space for you to do that. I am sure you will become popular soon and make tonnes of friends online!
Should you want to greet the festive Christmas with a new look, download the Christmas WordPress theme now. It’s absolutely FREE!


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