Google 14in1 AIO

This AIO have:


Adobe Air: Google Analytics Reporting Suite
Google Earth 4.2
Google Maps Images Downloader 3.0
Google Rank Analyzer
Google Talk
Google Web Accelerator
Google Video RIP 1.0
Youtube Google Video Grabber 2 Retail


Google Earth For Dummies
Google Web Toolkit for Ajax
The Google Story
55 Ways To Have Fun With Google
Google Earth For Dummies
Dangerous Google - Searching For Secrets

Google Rank Analyzer

User Guide

Google Rank Analyzer is a quick and effective way to find out where any site ranks in Google for any given keyword.

2. Keyword Ranking
When you open Google Rank Analyzer you will need to input the following fields:
URL: Enter the URL of the site that you would like to find the ranking on Google.
Keyword: Enter the keyword phrase you want to find the ranking for.
Note: You may enter more than one keyword by pressing enter when typing in the Keyword box. Keywords are to be one per line like this:
Check first: This will determine how many pages Google Rank Analyzer will check for the ranking.

2.1 Starting the query
In the Keyword Ranking menu is the start button. When you have entered all fields you can hit start to run the query.
3. Miscellaneous
Reset: You may click this button to reset all input, log and results data.
Save log: You may click this button to append the current log to the previous log.
4. Status Log
When you press start to analyze you will be automatically taken to the status screen where you can view the progress of your query. You may also go back after the process is complete to view this data again.
5. Analyzing the data
After you run the query the following data will be displayed:
Keyword: Search phrase used in your query
Position: Position the page appears on Google
Page: Exact page on Google that the listing appears
Title: Title of the Web page as it appears on Google
Description: Description of the Web page on Google
Link: URL that is actually listed on Google

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