Norton SystemWorks 2007 Premier (2CD)

Powerful protection and performance enhancement.
Key Features:
1. - Detects and removes viruses and spyware.
2. - Blocks spyware and worms automatically.
3. - Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading.
4. - Finds and removes hidden threats.
5. - Backs up everything on your computer-digital photos, family videos,
6. key financial records, essential computer system files, and other...

7. data-in one easy step.
8. - Protects all files of a certain type (such as photos or documents)
9. by finding and backing up the exact file types you indicate.
10. - Automatically detects and fixes Windows problems.
11. - Defragments and optimizes your hard drive for better performance.
12. - Cleans up unwanted cookies, cache, and temporary files that slow your
13. computer's performance.
14. - Gives you control over the Windows settings and processes running on
15. your system.
16. - Returns your computer to a pre-crash state after system failures and
17. other major problems.
18. - Recovers individual folders, files, and previous document versions,
19. even if you forget to save them.
20. - Monitors new software installations and reverses the installation if
21. you decide you don't want the software.
22. - Includes protection updates and new product versions of this product
23. as available throughout the renewable service period.

CD1: Norton System Works 2007 Premier

CD2: Norton Recovery Disc (bootable disc)..

Download: Link

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