AceFTP...a good FTP program

Transfer files of any size with this free ftp client.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol), one of the earliest protocols on the Internet, still lives. If you want to send large files, email won't cut it, because so many ISPs limit the size of file attachments. So you may need an FTP client instead. And if you have a Web site, you typically have to upload your files to it via FTP.

AceFTP is a very good, free, simple-to-use FTP client, and it'll handle pretty much any basic file transfer job you need. It's easy to create new connections and sites, and browsing local and remote directories is a breeze. There's also a log for keeping track of all of your file transfer activity. Also very useful is the tabbed interface, which lets you maintain multiple FTP sessions on multiple servers.

--Preston Gralla

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